Christmas 2012

So here is the catch up on Halloween through Christmas 2012. Halloween was late due to Hurricane Sandy and was in November. We had little damage and seemed to be spare from what happened all around us.
We had belt testing. Ben has 2 stripes on his orange belt and Alex made a blue belt. I got a new camera and as you'll see the pictures are a whole lot better. 
Christmas was a great time. The kids really enjoyed the whole season. 
I have been reading, crafting, and going to the gym and forgetting to post pictures so I will try harder next year.



Alex as Captain America and Ben as a minecraft guy

Playing together

Santa Wreath I made

Turkey Wreath

Jerry took down the swingset

Alex came home one day and said I am going to ride my bike and he did

Ben got an award for responsibility at school

Karate Testing


Ben's Songfest


Really Clothes??

Madagascar 3 Wig

My recycling project