Summer Vacation 2011


Fun at Home

A Birthday Party at a horse Farm

Ben loved the Horse

I am going to say this was both of their first times riding a horse.

Ok Vacation Starts...Do you see how crammed the back of the car is?

<---My favorite photo.


Our first day in the pool


The Pirate Adventures....

I think the second one is them showing their muscles

The walk to the boat

All hands on deck and pirate punch

<--Buccaneer Ben

<---Admiral Alexander

Bird Watching

Cape Hatteras Light House

Jerry, Papa and Alex climbed to the top

Our last day at the pool. Both boys swam the entire length of the pool

My pirates

Back home playing Pokémon cards

OK my latest project -felting. I made this of whool and washed in hot water. I will post final picture later. I shrinks up and makes felt. but it was still too big for my phone








Ben sleeping