February 2010

Somewhere I have lost track of when and how much it has snowed but lets say We've gotten 2 big snowstorms and Now have lived through Philly's second biggest yearly amount of snow on record.
The boys have enjoyed the snow immensely and have been playing on the hills the plow made at the end of the court. Plus the igloo Jerry made in front of our house.

Ben is now wearing his glasses all the time now. And after 6 days off school Alex is getting back in the swing of school.


I won a sneak peek at the first 5 minutes of the Lost Season premiere.
  (Are you a lost fan?? I got 2 by mistake Contact me???)

Chocolate anyone???

I don't like the eye patch!!!!!


Yes Ben ate laughing cow cheese on Wasa crackers. I was amazed!!!!

The First snow snow??

The second snow day we spent inside rearranging the Living Room...

Waffles with Whip cream

I finished Jerry's Pants plus a Purdue pair

We made things more lenght ways and not so divided

Whenit was over it was 20+"

And I hemmed 2 pairs of pants into shorts because they had holes in the knees and finished the boys robes (Pictures later of the robes)