April 2009

We've had a busy spring. We've cleaned out the garage and are working towards the "dusty" (study).
Ben is not wearing his glasses but we've had to have them fixed twice because he's chewed them.
Alex is mastering reading by himself especially Dr Seuss.


Outside enjoying the fresh air while Daddy and Mommy clean the garage

Ben eating Oreos

Alex wont let me take his photo

Our new grill

Ben tries his pjs with both legs in one leg hole and inside out


The boys at an Easter Party-Hunt

Ben "Yeah" pose

Ben got more eggs than Alex

What the Easter Bunny brought


Ben- Trucks????

Ben broke into the Chocolate bunny after bath time before bed.

And yes the ears went first


And now a Picture rewind: I think these are Jerry's Birthday 2005?

And to prove they saw Santa:

And last--- Alex's Basketball Clinic picture