March Part 2 2009


This week was spring breack here in NJ for Jerry and we tried to get work done but it was few and far between. Here were some of our projects...


Ben and Daddy having Fun

Ben with paper bag on head and Alex going to the bus

Ben's new glasses

He will not wear then of course but we are trying for 1/2 hour at a time while he's distracted watching tv and bribes of jelly beans and "Ms" (m and ms as Ben says)

Ben's Closet. We decided he need his closet and I could not use as storage any longer. Now where will I put the stuff that was in there?

A hook by the door for pjs or a robe



Ok there is still some craft stuff hiding in the corner but I put a double hanger rack to get his shirts at his level

 The old dresser is for storage of canvas bags and travel stuff. Then gift wrap and blankets on top.  I will be able to use this stuff now too which is a real plus