August 2008

Vacation Part 1

Jerry had a business trip to Portland OR, so the Boys and I decided to go on Vacation with Nana and Papa.
This page is the start of our vacation and things around the Hoffman area.....


The boys getting ready for vacation...

Ben and Pretzels

A water fountain in Schaumburg The boys took a minute to warm up to the spraying....




(Click for Video)   They got into the fun in the end.


Ben loving his waffles. He was so tired from the day.

We went outlet shopping and the boys were happy with the food..

and their Nana

So I told Alex we'd go to Legoland. Little did I know about the line or the rain...

Yeah Put the store next to the line- Good Marketing..

Alex at Legoland.....

Miniature Chicago

Navy Pier

Alex and Indiana Jones

and Batman

and R2D2

Harry Potter and Hagrid


and Darth Vader

at the 4-D show

at the play room

the lego test area

Outside on our way home.... Where did that line go?????



Ok so we were looking fo somewhere to go and Chuck E Cheese opens at 9AM

OK that was the first week on vacation starting in Chicago....

Next our trip to Wisconsin and the Fair and the lake.....