May 2008

These are photos from March and Ben's Birthday

Just around the house

Ben in a box

  Washed hair

new shelves

A little cream cheese face


My Old car- It was donated to Purple Heart after the brakes gave out...

Earth Day 2008 at Washington Lake Park

Too much fun

Alex the cowboy

Storybook land- Alex's field trip with school. We invited our friends to come with us.

Our first ride- Alex picked- The Ferris wheel


Ben was not sure about the Merry-go-round

Once it started he was having fun

Jack and Jill went up the hill and down the slide

Monster Truck ride

Alex on the "Dumbo-like" ride

We went around on the train

The old fashion cars

Alex and Ben on the dragon ride

(CLICK PHOTO)This one twirled and went up and down