June 2007 Part 2

We've been busy.....

Alex finished regular school and is going to his new preschool for "summer camp" for 3 half days this week and next. He will be off all of July and August.
Benjamin had his tubes placed in his ears this week and is doing really well. Jerry is teaching summer school so our summer is spoken for until August.
I am just trying to keep both kids happy and myself sane. Keep watching  for all of our adventures.

A little early for the fight song

Mom lets me eat on the couch? I only eat the ice cream and not the cone.

After Mom cut off the curls

Belly, Belly, Belly

Daddy and Alex playing with his new ball

The lids go where?????

I have the flipper were you looking for it?

I love Sprinkles the giraffe. (Thank you Aunt Meghan)

I love ketchup

Daddy and Alex in the pool.

Alex hiding from Ben under the blanket to play games on his leapster

I love my easel

Can I go to school too? (in my pjs)

At least I'm not naked

Alex hiding in the closet during a hide and seek game