June 2007

I know, I know I have taken forever to update this page. Things are busy around here. I had another eye surgery and am doing great. Ben will have to have tubes put in his ears in 2 weeks so we are just going back and forth to pre op post op appointments. Alex is finishing his preschool year and will be at "day camp" for the last two weeks in June. Okay.. Here are the last sets of photos of us at the zoo.

At the Entrance

Note the sign... "Animal is under veterinary care"

The otters loved the boys


I love ice cream _ of course vanilla.

Fruit cocktail...Mom no ice cream?

Fun in the car

I love the hat

Tinky Winky (ie: the purse)

My hand is stuck

I love milk

I can climb up and over the end tables and on to the couch

Okay more Tinky Winky