December 2007

November and December have been very busy so far, Alex broke his leg and Ben had a cut on his forehead. We had a great Thanksgiving with Nana and Papa and are looking forward to having a great Christmas with all the grandparents in Chicago.

They had a haircut in October and really need another one now

Alex is the blur at the bottom of the slide

Later in the ER waiting to be seen

Ben later the same night at the ER. He misjudged the coffee table and hit his head

The Boys at Acme in a cart

Ben eating like a big boy at McDonalds


The boys are sharing a room while we had company.

Alex says Ben is a Superman

Alex exercising

Alex shows his "Scooby Doo" scarecrow from school

Mommy, Daddy and the boys playing around....

Ben in his favorite place. Watching Mickey Mouse

My new craft project- Shadow boxes with the boys comng home outfits

Alex on left/Ben on right