Late June

Well, here we are at the end of June and we are getting ready for Jerry to go to BG for the summer.  I think we have everything to send with him except for Alex and me.  We are going to miss him very much but will see him at the end of July.  I hope to have more pictures up while he is gone so check back about once a week. 

The following pictures are nothing special.  We went to the zoo last weekend but forgot the camera so no pictures there but I have tried to take photos every couple of days just doing our stuff.

Alex's 18mo B'day and check-up are this week so I will have measurements and info from our visit with the doc next week.  Our biggest question??  Can we get him to stop climbing?


Here we go....



Here is a PG rated bath time photo and his latest haircut.  Can you tell he is not into the haircuts?

  I walked into this one evening. He even had the crock out of the crockpot.

He loves to pull at the straps from the highchair.  He does this 3-4 times a day.

\I think these are good uses for the toy boxes.  He can get out without help too.

Here is our veggie garden.  Jerry says we have tomatoes the are starting to fruit.