June 2004

June has been a slow month for us here in NJ.  No storytime for two weeks and the weather has not been too good (too much rain) to go out much.   Here are some new photos.  Uncle Mike was here to check out the new house and help set up the garden.  Alex has been a handful.  He is fearless and now climbs up everything.  Jerry and I are having a hard time keeping up with him.  There are no pictures of the climbing because it is mostly in places that need him stopped right then, ie the bookcases, the chairs in the dining room, his toybox.  Hope everyone is doing well and we will have more pics when Jerry goes to BG, I am sure.


Uncle Mike and Alex

Jerry and Alex at the Shore

Alex in the backyard pool


Jerry's lab space at work

Our Zoo trip

Alex trying to carry the Gorilla that is his size around the house.