Feb 2004 Part 2!

Okay, we're about to go to the zoo, so there should be pictures like that up soon, but these are from the last few weeks. Just so you can't accuse us of holding out!  We're standing like champs, and talking a little bit, but we think the biggest change is the little guy is right in the start of those terrible toddler years. He's impatient, loud, demanding, and picky. It's making for a fun time... since either he seems to be doing fine or screaming. Joy.

But here are some pictures of some happier times.

Opening Meghan's belated birthday presents!

Stylin in his Bulls warmup suit

Why shoot baskets when you can score points hitting the switch?

Sock thief!

A rare warm day in Jersey

Told you he was part monkey! He likes to swing from trees.

Sliding down

Alex's first front yard walk unaided. See? No-one within reach

...which is what he likes!