February 2004

Sorry for the long delay, teaching and Alex are taking up all of the webmaster's time!  Over the break, Jerry was able to go to western NY for a ski trip, where he fell down a lot but eventually figured out how to ski, without a single lesson!  Here are some of the big hills traveled down in Happy Valley, Ellicottville, NY:

No bunnies were spotted while skiing the bunny hill.

Shoosh, swish, swish, whee, bang! flop flop flop skid...

Yes, it was very early in the morning, so that's why there's no one skiing.  The top shows the bunny hill that I learned how to ski well, and the bottom is the Mardi Gras run, which was under the lift. That was the big one, my crowning achievement in skiing.  You can also see that, despite the natural snowfall, the snow makers were in full swing.

I also visited a winery on Keuka lake, the most western of the finger lakes.


And passed by Allegheny State Park and National Forest on the way to Happy Valley.

Forest! Trees! Indian Reservations!

Also, the first week of February, we went to our first Philadelphia museum. Of course, it was called the Please Touch Musem, and was aimed at kids. It basically is a place where kids can run free and play with water, musical instruments, large blocks, etc.  Really cool, and Alex liked running around in the little farmland area where all of the kids were under 3. He seemed to tolerate them well, even if they cut in front of him all the time to play with something he was at. Although he did tackle one kid (in a silly way).  Here's a few from that:

Darn kids monopolizing the cool toys!

What plastic food to eat next?

Wonder where this goes? And hope that shiny thing at the end isn't a wall.

All the carrots are gone, guess I'll have some lettuce.

Shoot, I'm hot!

On the last one, the thing cut off to the right (had  balls in it) was the popular wall thing, which all of the kids wanted to play with (see the first picture for him after he kind of got pushed out of the way

Here are more pictures of Alex, acting ornery

But I wanna watch Zoboomafoo!

You don't mind if I grab some common household cleaners, do you?

Here are some pictures for Mike. Thought he'd like to see Alex wear his present:

A hook shot!

Like my fade shot?

And finally, a random picture of Alex acting goofy

Go go Godzilla!

Our house has slight drainage issues in the back yard. The dirt slopes away from the house (good for the house) but has a big low spot in the middle of the back (bad for the yard). Yesterday (2.6.04) it rained a whole lot, along with melting snow, and the back was looking really scary flooded. Here is a max flood picture and the day after.  Guess we're gonna have to dump some dirt when it gets warmer to try to level it out.

During the raging flood

The day after. Note we STILL have snow