September 26 2004

Here we are one more month down and things are good here.  Alex and I are going to Kidzercise once a week and He loves it.  It is like Gymboree but its less structured.  Storytime starts back next month so we will have two days to get out of the house.  Alex moved to a toddler bed this month.  He was climbing into his crib and I was afraid he would hurt himself.  He's up to about 8 words and 3-4 animal noises.  His new sounds are ball, hi, and meow.  I will work on audio for the site because I can not tell everyone how funny the cat noise is. 

Okay, Okay here are the photos,


Here Alex is walking in his room with the new bed.

I think I like it.

Yeah this will work.

How about a kiss for Mommy, Alex likes his bed that much?

The new bed must be okay (Alex is sleeping fine)