Halloween 2004

Here we are with photos from Alex's first trick or treat.

He had a good time but liked running around more than the candy.  The only candy he ate was a tootsie roll.  He does not like chocolate that much.

At the bottom are pictures of Alex after he pulled down a box of Munchkins (donut holes) of the counter and started eating them.  He looked like we never fed him and was a binge.

The Pictures are big so watch out



Here we are before we went outside

Okay, Daddy let me go lets go!

You mean we are not getting in the car?

Mommy I gotta hold what?


Wow you get to go to other people houses?

I'm so fast I'm blurry

All I really want to do is play outside

Look It's really Elmo.

Yum Donuts!

It there more!!!

Oh Look I got caught!!!!!!