August 2004

We've been on our big trip.  Alex and Kerry started in NJ and meandered all the way to Chicago for a two week vacation.

Here are the highlights

Here's Alex in his PJs

Our first stop to play at the food at Tuttle Mall in Columbus, OH,

I loved the bacon but those girls wont let me play

Watching TV at Grandpa and Grandma Hough's

I am squirmy


At Richard Walkers


I love the pool at Grandpa and Grandma M's

Off for a walk  

You can kinda see that the front is short and the back is shaggy.

Noone is going to hire me for straight lines

The flowers Uncle Mike planted are all blooming now

My first harvest- That is a large serving bowl half full of grape tomatoes.

These photos are small but you can see the plants are taller than the fence