Month 5 Pictures

Section 1: Alex' First Baseball Game

This was at the Indianapolis Indians vs. Toledo Mud Hens game in Indy, at the 'rehearsal dinner' held by Trent and company.  Alex didn't really notice the game, but there were lots of people that kept his attention throughout the night. He behaved himself through the whole game!

Alex and Kerry at the game. Don't know why he's in a different outfit. Maybe it's cold.

Hey! Where's that finger been? Can I chew it?

Alex and Jerry at the game. Wait, are we s'posed to be watching it? Oops!

Section Two: The Hotel Room

Alex got a bouncer chair while in Indianapolis. Dad got tired of Alex wanting to bounce in his lap- you figure out why that isn't a good idea :)  So now, when he's feeling jumpy, he goes in the chair! Hopefully he'll get bigger soon so he doesn't look so small.  Can you guess which of the following pictures is Alex' impression of David Letterman?

This is coooool!

The Letterman Pose

I think I got a load in my shorts!

... and Evidence that he was in Indy...

Pooh Marks the Spot. Tuckered out after a long bouncin'

Section 3: The Wedding

This doesn't include any pics of the boy, but this is for those of you who wonder whatever happened to Trent... he got hitched to a gal named Barbara and moved to Geneva, Switzerland... talk about change!

At the ballpark. Crappy blurry picture

At the wedding- Kerry told me not to use flash, so long shutter speed means blurry...

At the reception

That's all! Sorry these took so long to load!


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