Month 4.5 Pictures

These are in no particular order, and can span between 3-5 months. It essentially covers the time we were in Chicago for Alex' christening up to just before Trent's wedding. So look how much he's grown!!!

Is it me or is this bib a bit big?

Stylin for going out on the town


Comfy Jammies

Why do they have me strapped in this thing?

What is that stuff you're forcing me to eat?

Cutie with Gramma M

Oil me up, padre!

Couch potato!

More couch potatoes

I don't mind flying, it's the backwards travel I'm not sure about

\We don't know: monkey dancing, karate, ballet, who knows?


Who's that handsome kid in the mirror?

Uhm, I'm stuck. Someone free me!

Like my monkey?

Gramma H gave me a monkey!

What do I want? Hay, you didn't order me anything! Hay!!!

Yeah yeah, MOM looks full.. where are my banana pancakes?

I got that standing thing aced. Now, how do I walk?

Wash me!