Month 4 Pictures!


Yes, we realize that it's been way too long, but we're so busy trying to get relocated to New Jersey for Jerry's new job at Rowan University, we just haven't had the time. We are moving officially in August, but we may go sooner depending on how early we find a place to live.

Alex has become a real talker, and wants to play all day long. He likes the freefall feeling, or at least the sounds we make when we "throw" him up in the air. He's also almost standing on his own, though the whole forward momentum concept is still pretty alien. He's also got a strong grip- we have this toy where he lays on his back and the animals on an arch above him dance around. Well, he grabs them and makes the motor click!

More later, but here's the pictures from last month...

Click on them for the larger one.

--Jerry and Kerry, 03/10/2007 08:41:38 PM