Mom H sent me a picture of my baby picture and, although we don't have a newer picture of Alex, I think there's a strong similarity between my baby picture and Alex. It's kind of scary, but the eyes, nose, chin and hair are almost dead on. Kerry said that if it wasn't for the fact that she knows it has got to be me, the resemblance is really strong.  Now all we need is Kerry's birth photo to make the final comparisons!

As of 1/6/03, he was down to a trickle on his I.V., and pounding almost 2 ounces of breast milk in a sitting. So we predict that, if the Gods smile upon us, we will have him home all to ourselves around Thursday. Then we have him all to ourselves... with no nurses to help us during the wee hours... and we have to deal with all of his little problems... good God what did we get ourselves into! :)

And GO BUCKS! GO BOILERS! National champs and all! We got a pic of little Alex wearing an Ohio State hat while Daddy was wearing his OSU baseball jersey, and that ought to be up on the web as soon as we get a chance.

--Jerry and Kerry

ps- special thanks to my bro' Mike for scanning that photo and the montage! Good job dude!