Month 2 Pictures!


Okay, we got these done at Wal-Mart, and soon realized that we could do better ourselves. The St. Pat's pics are the evidence that we can. However, we already blew our cash on the prepared pictures, so that teaches us, eh?

He's adjusting well, though he still has bad gas, and doesn't poop as much as we'd probably like. What, you say that we should be lucky that he's not going 34 times a day? Well, what would you say if we told you he goes 3-4 days without going? Yeah, same here. But the books say that it's normal, as he's using all the stuff in the milk up to grow, and therefore doesn't have anything to expel. He's getting much bigger, too, so it must be going to the right places.  He's more vocal, cooing a lot every day.

He goes to BGSU at least 2X a week, so that Dad can get work done before handing him off at 1:40.  Plus the stroller has come in handy, as we have gone out a bunch of times to take advantage of the good weather.

Talk soon,

Jer and Ker